Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Few Things You Should Know

My new bed is working out just dandily. I mean, I'm in complete and total love with it. The second we exchanged the first mattress for the firmer model, heavenly choirs sang and my life fell into balance. Actually, none of that happened, but it sure is comfortable. I still have insomnia, but only, like, one-third of the time instead of all of the time. I sleep way, way better on this bed than on our tiny double with the cheapie mattress. And the enormous size is FANTASTIC. It's worth every penny. There's just something about climbing up and into a bed the size of a yacht that makes a tired mama smile and go, Ahhhhh. Which doesn't happen a whole lot of the time otherwise. Plus Julia loves to crawl up in there with me, lounge, and read magazines, which is adorable. Oh, and also? I flipped over the reversible comforter and discovered that I love the spring-green/white/blue plaid even better than I loved the tiny blue seersucker stripe on the other side. It's so summery and fresh. It makes me happy every time I walk past the bedroom door.


Julia has not worn anything but a skirt or a dress since the last day of school. She picks her own clothes out each night after her bath, and only the girliest ensembles (read: skirt or dress) make the cut. She generally adds her hand-strung plastic bead necklace and bracelet from the jewelry kit she got from our lovely friends for her birthday, even though they are sticky with multiple layers of sunscreen and bug spray, and lately she adds a purple elastic bow-trimmed headband that really belongs to Genevieve, pushed and prodded into and over her hair in her own haphazard manner such that she resembles a 1920s flapper girl. Need I add that matching her clothes and accessories to one another is not high on her priority list? If you try to say something like, "Honey, we're going on a new playdate today, why don't you pick a pink or white shirt to go with that pink-flowered skirt rather than the bright red shirt?", she will counter with, "NO, because the red shirt has PUFFY SLEEVES, therefore it is FANCIER." OK, she doesn't say "therefore." But she's thinking it.


Julia is taking one-on-one swim lessons this week, a half hour each morning in the heated backyard pool of some enterprising lifeguard-certified teenagers in our neighborhood. (We live in a rich neighborhood. We are not rich. Everyone else is.) The instructor is great; Julia's in love with her because she's a teenager who wears nail polish. It's a good thing, too, because Julia is NOT in love with water. Or swimming. This is the kind of conversation you might overhear while watching the swim lesson:

Instructor: OK, how about this time we jump off the edge and go down far enough to get your HEAD wet!
Julia (looking scared to death): No thank you.
Instructor: Do you want to do one more time just up to your shoulders, and then one time with your whole head?
Julia: The shoulders is fun.
Instructor: OK, we'll do up to your shoulders again, and THEN your whole head! You can do it!
Julia: I think just the shoulders is best.

The poignant part is how her arguing has a sad little tone of terror to it. Like she's working really, really hard to think of something--anything!--to say that will convince the teacher that dunking her head isn't a good idea.


Genevieve has stopped her hour-long screaming fits at every naptime and bedtime. There, I said it. The universe is now busy orchestrating the reintroduction of hour-long screaming fits at naptime and bedtime. But I thought you should know.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go to the swimming lesson on Saturday and see this negotiation in action.

Also, just to clarify, Julia picks out her outfit before her bath, after brushing her own teeth but before I finish that job. I don't know how she does it, but she can somehow disappear in the half-second between her setting down her toothbrush and my looking up. Gaah!

Mnmom said...

My twin #1 felt all floral patterns match NO MATTER WHAT. If it's floral, it matches other florals. We had some eye popping get-ups in those years.

Question said...

ReeRee is also into picking her own clothes and prefers "pretty" things like skirts. But every once and a while she walks into the living room with a winter fleece and overalls. SIL is in for a battle on those days.