Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Update

I considered being a good little grown-up today and posting a Gratitude Friday essay, enthusiastically adjusting my attitude to Positive and cheerfully noting all the reasons why my life is full of blessings. (Which, OBVIOUSLY, it is. So let's move on.) Then I realized, like it or not, that's just not me. If I started spouting all sorts of treacle about how I'm THRILLED to devote my summer evenings to long, hot, volunteer-job meetings and I DON'T MIND AT ALL that my family's summer trip is in question, even though the visit to the grandparents' was planned in part for the purpose of celebrating Genevieve's birthday, you'd be smart to wonder if I'd been abducted by aliens and had some sort of insanity chip implanted in my brain.

I'm not thrilled. I mind a whole lot.

This week, my girls have watched too much TV. (Please don't try to argue with me. It is too much. I don't approve of it. I just don't have the energy to do anything else with them.) I have served my family too many convenience-food dinners. (I believe in home-cooked meals. I just do. But--guess what? Home-cooked meals require time, energy, and advance planning.) I have slept too little and haven't exercised at all. I have ingested far too much coffee, chocolate, and ice cream, because I continue to hold out false hope that those things will make me feel better--less tired, more cheery and energetic, capable of maintaining a positive attitude. It's been really, really hot and humid, so we have mostly stayed inside. The girls' naps have been short or nonexistent. This has meant that my own down-time has been short or nonexistent as well. It hasn't been a very fun week.

There you have it. Sorry for the lack of gratitude. It doesn't exist for me right now. I hope everyone out there has a good weekend and I'll talk to you all later.


Rob Hardy said...

You can be grateful that you're not commuting to Edina and dealing with the Edina Public School parents every day. When times get really tough, I think of that (an experience that actually drove me to get a prescription for Paxil).

Shan said...

Oh, Good Lord. True. Very true. I suddenly feel very relieved.

Mnmom said...

You need to adjust your gratitude scale WAAAAAAY down when the kids are little. I was grateful for things like AC, the washer and dryer, ice, Disney videos, and healthy kids. I guess that's not too far down but you get my drift.

With teens I'm still grateful for the same things but now it includes a smile from one of them, or a joke they share. They are fewer and farther between these days.

Shan said...

Good point, MNmom. For the record, I am also grateful for no-leak sippy cup lids and Justin Roberts CDs. Truly.