Friday, August 08, 2008

Gorgeous. I Will Now Cry.

I can't watch this final ensemble routine from part 1 of the "So You Think You Can Dance" finale Wednesday night without tearing up.

Believe me: I hate reality TV, I have zero interest in "Dancing With the Stars" or "American Idol"; but I'm addicted to SYTYCD despite the fact that in the three seasons I have watched it, I have never successfully seen an entire episode uninterrupted, what with the babies and the nursings and the diapers and the stories and the lullabies and the crying and the endless bedtime calling. It's over now for this year (sob!), so if you're unfamiliar, you're out of luck until next summer (hint for the future: skip the horrifically painful audition broadcasts and wait until the real dancing begins with the top 20).

In the meantime, check out the modern number below, choreographed by the amazing Mia Michaels, and just SEE if you aren't in tears by the end. Or, wait--is that just me? Seeing as how I'm a vibrating ball of stress these days? That might be it. Or maybe it comes from watching the whole season and seeing these dancers--they're really just young kids--persevere and come this far; two of the dancers here are street dancers with zero formal training, and one of those comes from a family too poor to send him to dance classes when he was little (he went on to win the entire competition on Thursday night, including a grand prize of $250,000; talk about heartwarming). It's breathtaking to watch them perform such mind-bogglingly difficult choreography here like their whole hearts are in it--and all the cheering in the background, as if the audience just can't contain itself! so emotional!--to some of the most gorgeous string music I've ever heard.

OK, I'm also just a vibrating ball of stress these days; pretty much anything could make me cry this summer. Anyway!

One note: the quality isn't the greatest in these YouTube videos. It's so much more powerful in high-def on a larger screen. But it's still out of this world. Click below.

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