Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Today is my anniversary. What am I doing? Racing around getting ready to drag my girls to the school with me this morning while I co-conduct a job interview. Yikes!

Happy 13th anniversary, honey! It's been a long, crazy road from St. Paul to Chicago and back (and beyond), but if we can just get up north this weekend and survive the road trip and the non-sleeping, I think we can get a certain grandma to babysit for a belated anniversary date. Just maybe.


Question said...

Congrats. Our 9th is tomorrow. No big plans for us either this year.

Mnmom said...

Congratulations! You are half way behind us. We'll be at 18 years in November.
Have a wonderful time and get that date in no matter what.

squab said...

Ooh, lucky 13! (No, really: I think it's a lucky number.) Congrats! If I were you, I'd look into getting a cab for that dinner date, so you can both drink at will. God knows you deserve it.

PS - I was going to send you some treats this week, but the time got away from me and I know you're gone this weekend. So I'll send you some NEXT week instead. You know, just to help with the vacation-getting-cut-short-because-your-life-is-insane blues.

Shan said...

You all are so nice! Squabby, an update is coming shortly, looks like we might get all or most of our original "vacation" back after all, due to recent positive developments in the Volunteer Job From Hell. So....maybe don't send us any packages next week. We put a hold on our mail for the entire week just in case. But you are a dear for thinking about us. Oh, and no kidding about the drinking part. I could use a stiff one.

donna said...

Happy Anniversary!

We just celebrated our 8th. Sometimes it seems like we just got married. Other times, it feels like we've been married forever. (Then again, we did date for 10 years before marriage...)