Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Made It Through the Rain

I got a good laugh earlier today, when I discovered that my alarmingly low readership of late, calculated by Google Analytics, was an error caused by accidentally being logged in under my husband's blog name (sorry, honey). Turns out my reader numbers are exactly the same as always, even increasing incrementally as usual, despite my summer o' negativity. Please, I beg you, Anonymous Reader Psychologist (and anyone else who feels the same), do not read this site if it is so painful for you. I do not want to knowingly be responsible for introducing further pain into this world. I do, however, have a few gentle thoughts about your recent comment, which I will write up in the near future. I just have not had time yet, as yesterday I spent the entire day (literally) on the phone doing preschool volunteer work, after which I left the house for an out-of-town, all-evening appointment. Luckily I had lots of time to muse on such issues as mamahood, feminism, SAHM-hood specifically, the existence (or not) of a higher power, and all the blessings of life during my long drive home at 9 p.m., during which a freak heavy thunderstorm literally threatened to run me (and everyone else out driving on the dark and curvy highway) off the road, in the worst driving conditions I have ever experienced, even considering a childhood in the far northern plains where blizzards and white-out conditions are as common as sliced bread.

I made it home 40 minutes late, hugged my husband, alternately admired and mourned my new haircut, cursed ever agreeing to be a volunteer, and went to sleep conflicted about my low blog-reader numbers (not really! just kidding about that last part! truly!). Then I woke up and found out it's my spouse whose blog is so shamefully neglected by the broad masses. Whew!


Mnmom said...

That WAS quite a storm, wasn't it? Beautiful lightning. Glad you made it home safe and sound.
I enjoy driving by myself - I don't turn on any music - I just enjoy the absolute silence. I'm sure an empty-nest Mom would tell me to relax and enjoy the noise because they'll be gone too soon. I get weepy when I think about that.

Christopher Tassava said...

1. There was no hug. (That you recall there being one may offer insights into several dimensions of our marriage.)
2. Those readership numbers apply to my old blog, the one I'm not posting at anymore. I'm glad nobody's reading it.
3. I like the haircut.
4. I was glad you got home, too.

Shan said...

Well, some people are (still reading it). Hmmm, why in the world wouldn't you have hugged your wife when she straggled in the door at ten p.m. during a raging storm?!