Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've Had It

I'm sad about this summer. During these last few golden sunny months, people I know have been diagnosed with cancer; have been burglarized and horribly sick; have faced unexpected surgery. China spent $220 million on a building to be used for 14 days of sports competition, in a world where babies die every day in poverty. Gas and grocery prices have increased astronomically. The health care crisis in this country continues to spiral out of control, spelling doom for my children's generation (truly, even for my own). My husband's second job will contractually end in December, and I can't see how we'll manage without that little extra income. I've lost a little bit of my faith in humankind, that people will do the right thing, through some particularly disappointing events at my preschool volunteer job. My nieces and nephew are poor, minority children with no father and with multiple medical and mental-health conditions. Economic disparity is everywhere I look; people buy brand-new McMansions that could house three families, not one, and waste water and fuel to maintain them, at a time when our world doesn't have water and fuel to waste. It's all a bit too depressing for me.

My readership and comments are way down, but I need you right now, Internets. Please tell me, quick: what makes YOU feel happy right now? what reminds you of the good in people? what rocks your world these days? I'm serious: tell me. I need to know.


Rob Hardy said...

Three things, for now:

1. Two years ago, I joined LibraryThing, an internet site where you can catalog your personal library and network with other people who share your reading interests. I have been amazed by the kindness of generosity of LTers, people I've never met, who have sent me books and good wishes during all of my little medical crises this year. I've received packages from as far away as Australia! My far-flung friends, the "Viragoites," rock my world.

2. I love my amazing family. I have two great, great sons, and the best and smartest and sanest and cuddliest soulmate any man ever had.

3. I love my friend P., who is pure joy. I can't do much to change all that's wrong in the world, but she is one of the people who inspires me to be as good and kind and gentle and generous as I personally can. A world that has her in it will always be beautiful to me.

donna said...

This morning, it's the little things that make me happy...
- WAY less traffic than expected
- watching my kids hug and kiss each other when we dropped my son off at school
- taking 5 minutes to read a book to my daughter and her friends when I dropped her off at daycare
- having a great hair day

And sometimes, it's knowing that you are doing what you can to bring some good in the world (like being the president of the school board). :)

Question said...

There's no two ways about it, cancer sucks. That said, I am completely blown away by the love and support I've received from friends and acquaintances near and far. From supportive notes and emails to care packages to offers to drive me, help is available when I need it. Even the ladies at Pilates (who I'm not really friends with) have been burning CDs for me, lending me acupressure bands and more. I'm really touched.

On a smaller scale, my white blood counts continue to be in the normal range, today is the first day I'm taking the anti-nausea medicine without the steroids and I feel remarkably okay. Oh, and I pooped. TMI, I know, but it was a big deal for me. :)

Mnmom said...

I'm right there with you babe! And some days we have to FORCE ourselves to remember what is good:

1. Campfires. Sounds like you need one.
2. Coffee, with half and half
3. The beautiful, breezy, sunny, weather.
4. That the mainstream media doesn't tell us everything that went RIGHT today. How many parents loved their kids? How many teachers made that crucial connection? How many people drove with caution? Those items don't make ratings.
5. That you have a bag of princess dresses on the way!
6. I BEAT cancer! YES! It CAN be done!
7. The smell of clean laundry.
8. Running water - now if that's not a miracle, then what is??!

MamaKel said...

My 2 year old had a dinosaur bday party last week and made everyone sing happy birthday three times.

My 2 month old sees me and smiles.

We are RICH in love!!!

Heidi said...

A small town where my kids are safe.

A small school-system where, even before the start of the schoolyear, my 4th-grader and his teacher know each other by name and she knows at least a *little* about him -- and the fact that this school system does *before*-school PT conferences... I *really* appreciate that!

A preschool we loved for our firstborn and are excited to start our second-born in on Sept. 8... and the fact that he's excited to start!

The DNC's nomination of Barack Obama for Pres. Even if (God forbid) he doesn't win, it's a HUGE milestone for the U.S. that an African American has been allowed to come this far.

A church family that supports my family and me, and knows and loves my kiddos on a personal basis.

A beautiful baby named Hope, who wasn't expected to live 2 months ago, but who is alive and beautiful... not without health problems, for certain, but who brings smiles and joy to all who know her... and whom I had the privilege of baptizing into a life of Christian faith.

Good coffee & peanut M&Ms!!

A quiet day, provided me by my hubby who took Gabe down to town (Big Boy is already on an outing w/ Grandpa).

Bright blue sky and sunshine!

My hubby's diligence in clearing out the "office" in our home and making space for me, not only to have a secluded work space, but a "rubber-stamping studio" as well. I do not take for granted his concern to make this happen for me!

A great-aunt whose cancer "should have" ended her earthly life 1-1/2 yrs ago, but who is still going quite strong -- and we are all the richer for her continued presence in our world!

And, yes, the confidence (some days stronger than others, but considering the inner workings of our bodies and the outer workings of the universe, it is *there*) that a "Higher Power" -- GOD -- *does* hold this whole crazy, mixed-up world in the palm of His/Her hand... and that the chaos we see will be but a pinprick of time in the course of Eternity. Truly, the folks I know who manage to keep positive amid all the "crap" of this world are people who ground their lives in God.