Friday, August 15, 2008

The Truth About Turning Two

(Photo credit: Snarky Squab)

Happy birthday to Genevieve Rose, who turns two today and thus formally enters the stage she has already embraced for a good six months or more: that of showing the world just who's boss. And guess what? It's not the world. In case you were wondering. So just shut it, get me a fourth piece of bread and butter, and forget any notions you may have about dressing, changing, bathing, grooming, or kissing me.

Two years ago I went into labor with Genevieve at five p.m., but decided to wait eight hours before taking it seriously and facing the fact that my "scheduled" C-section (medically required, not elective, by the way) was not actually going to be scheduled. It all worked out fine, because I seem to grow babies who prefer to take days and days to be born; after eight hours of labor I was only dilated to one centimeter. Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, been through all that before. In the end Genevieve was pulled into this world by an OB surgeon at 3:27 a.m., while I FREAKED THE HELL OUT because even though I needed a C-section, the whole idea had always terrified me and the knowledge that my abdomen was being sliced open right then and there as I lay numb but awake in a glaringly bright operating room panicked me to no end.

Genevieve was worth the freaking out, and it probably goes without saying that she's worth the helpless frustration of spring and summer 2008, as she's rocketed through her tantrums like she's working her way down a toddler to-do list. Tantrum over diaper change. Check. Tantrum over getting teeth brushed. Check. Tantrum over getting dressed. Check. Tantrum over not being allowed to throw my bowl of cereal on the floor. Check. Random inexplicable tantrum. Check, check, check.

How can one baby be so maddening and so adorable at the same time (though not, as I've clarified previously, at the same moment)? Because we ADORE this baby; she brings all sorts of life and hilarity and personality to this house that we didn't have before. And yet: PUTTING HER MAMA THROUGH THE WRINGER EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Oh, and I've said it before: two-year-olds are still babies. Oh yes. They are.


Mnmom said...

My 9-year-old is still my baby!
Happy Birthday to Baby Vivi!!! My girls really, really want to see yours again. They love the pics.

donna said...

Happy Birthday, Genna Rose! (Okay, a little late. Sorry!)

And YES, 2 year olds are still babies. You can't convince me otherwise, either. But you know that already. :)