Monday, September 15, 2008

Didn't I Just Go Shopping? Last April?

On Saturday I spent five hours inside a mall (not including lunch) with three fellow-mom friends and, aside from clothes for the preschooler who refuses to wear pants, all I ended up with were seven t-shirts. Somewhere out there, Susan Wagner is shaking her head and planning another wardrobe intervention. In my defense, I'm a full-time mom to a two-year-old and a four-year-old; I wear tees of one sort or another most days, and use them to sleep in, work out in, push a double-stroller up hills in, do hopscotch on the driveway in, cook in, bake in, and run around the park in. That means that once or twice a year, I have to throw out all my trashed t-shirts and do a major tee replacement. But even so: an all-day shopping trip for....a bunch of Gap t-shirts? Could I be any lamer?

Oh, wait a minute, there were those 45 MINUTES I spent picking out new sunglasses. When Christopher heard about that, he looked at me like I was insane, but when I explained that there were SEVEN CYLINDRICAL RACKS of sunglasses in that particular store--do you know which racks I mean? the ones with columns all around, and slots from top to bottom? how many pairs of sunglasses do you think each one of those holds? 100? 200? Times SEVEN?--well, then he understood. But still. Most of an entire hour is a lot of time to invest in attempting to wrench your eyewear out of the early 2000s. Or maybe even the late '90s. The last time I bought sunglasses was certainly longer ago than the last time, prior to a week ago, that I attempted to use an ATM.

Oh, but it's fall, and in addition to stacks of basic long- and short- (for under jackets and cardigans, of course!) sleeved t-shirts, I'm coveting a great knee-length denim skirt and some affordable brown tall boots, to wrench me out of my t-shirt-and-jeans uniform and march me off into autumn with a modicum of style. So if you see anything budget-friendly out there as you're doing your own fall shopping, be sure and let me know, won't you? I can't go on wearing these tank tops and capris for much longer.

Someday I'm going to be woefully unprepared for an office job.


donna said...

Glad you got some girl-time. And remember... if/when you go back to work, you can earmark some of the salary toward a new wardrobe.

As for skirts... try these

Christopher Tassava said...

It's hilarious that spending money is one of the only ways you can participate in the 21st century. C'mon in - the politics are crappy, the economy is terrible, but the Internet is wonderful.

Rob Hardy said...

I bought clothes for myself on Saturday for the first time since June 2006! I went to the exciting outlet mall in Medford, just ten minutes or so south of Faribault. I bought pants at Eddie Bauer, and more pants and a shirt at Levi/Dockers. Now I don't have to do that again until 2010!!!

Mnmom said...

My SAHM wardrobe consisted almost entirely of Target t-shirts. And yes they are good for about one year. Now sunglasses? I go through them like lattes and it takes me about 2 minutes at the Target sunglasses section. I've found the pricey ones don't fare any better than the cheapos.

sara said...

For me, reading this was like the old (hmmm, let's say vintage instead) sesame street skit, "This is your Life with Guy Smiley." Those Target tees hold up particularly well considering the assorted food, coffee, kid snot, and paint spills thrown their way.

Mnmom said...

Guy Smiley - I'd forgotten about that skit! Loved it. Do they still bring in celebs for skits that the adults find funny? I'll never forget the one where James Gandolfini aka Tony Soprano pretended to be afraid of vegetables, and hid under the bed covers.