Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Like the Way This Girl Thinks

Yesterday afternoon I was talking to Christopher, waffling on whether or not I really felt like driving to the library to look for a DVD movie to watch that evening after the girls were in bed. Kinda wanted to, kinda felt too lazy to actually take the steps necessary.

Christopher mentioned that I could always download a movie from iTunes and watch it on the computer. I was in the middle of expressing my lack of enthusiasm for this idea (watch a movie on the computer? meh, so lackluster...), when Julia excitedly chimed in, "I know, Mama! You could take the laptop into your room, and watch a movie IN YOUR BED."

Which is exactly what we did. And it was great. So, thank you, little Brilliant Preschooler Social Director. What's your next bright idea?


Question said...

Even though I have a laptop, I didn't move it from my desk much. Until recently. Now whenever I don't feel good, it accompanies me to bed.

I've also dipped my toes into watching stuff from iTunes. It feels very luxurious to make a show selection and then have it delivered to my lap.

Did you like Smart People? We liked it more than the reviewers did.

Shan said...

We did like the movie. We thought it was cute and sweet--nice ending.

Anonymous said...

I too was impressed by the idea, and by the execution. Downloading a rental seems awfully futuristic, and the laptop screen is almost as big as our old TV screen!

On the other hand, this morning J. recommended that I buy 1000 shares of mutual fund indexed to the Dow. Said it could only go up, once the bailout plan passed. Said it was a sure thing. Said she had a tip from a kid at the preschool.

Once she's old enough to be grounded, she's grounded.

Unless she delivers on more Saturday night social planning.

Mnmom said...

I'll bet J could fill in for any tooth extractions, minor surgeries, car repair, and general home maintenance issues. She strikes me as being that smart.

We take the little travel TV/DVD thingy to bed with us for movies. Works great! By that time I have my glasses on and being right near the screen is a big bonus for my horrible eyesight.