Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Not Since At Least 2004. Maybe Earlier.

This morning after preschool drop-off and the inevitable Target errand (I ran into another preschool mom there, and she and I had both been at Target during the previous preschool day, also; she said, "Back to spend more money!" and I said, "I feel like I live here!"), Genevieve and I stopped in at a local bakery to pick up some scones. We have some company coming for a visit tomorrow morning, a longtime mama friend and her new(ish) baby (six months old is still new, isn't it? I think so), and if anyone deserves a treat or two or ten, it's this mama of this baby. So I decided to pick up some pastries and refrain from eating all of them before tomorrow morning. I told Genevieve we'd split one for our morning snack today, but save the rest for company tomorrow.

When we got there and had picked out our scones, I learned that the bakery doesn't take debit or credit cards. I never have cash, and don't carry my checkbook; I use my debit card EVERYWHERE. Because this was sort of my only chance to pick up those scones, I took the clerk's advice and walked with Genevieve around the corner and across the street to a nearby SuperAmerica to use the ATM.

Which is when I was reminded of this hilarious post by my favorite blogger, Susan Wagner, from earlier this summer. Because people, I, too, have not used an ATM in YEARS and could not even remember how to do it. I had to stand in front of the gray metal box for several long minutes, toddler in arms, inspecting the various buttons and slots for clues to the machine's proper operation, before I even attempted to extract some cash. It took me three tries to remember my PIN.

But I got my scones, you all.


Mnmom said...

You must have been at the Gestapo Bakery run by The Doughnut Nazis. Those owners crack me up - they are actually very funny people once you get past the sour I-hate-customers-of-all-kinds demeanor.

Shan said...

No, no! I was at Brick Oven! The lady there was super nice. I know who you mean and it wasn't them.

Christopher Tassava said...

I'm afraid to ask what's in the goodies at the Gestapo Bakery.

sara said...

I can't for the life of me remember my PIN, but for some reason I know my husband's. The other day I swiped $1.69, pathetic, I know.

donna said...

Hilarious! Personally, I use my credit card instead of the debit card (the debit card requires knowing exactly how much is in your bank account and I only balance my checkbook once a month). Plus, I like getting points on my credit card.