Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Oh By The Way

So I haven't stopped blogging. You got that already, right? Forgot to formally say that. However, I am feeling pretty tired of the (as my friend Ruth puts it) "junior-high"-esque antics of the Internet. I'm still considering posting less frequently, or only about more superficial topics, or NOT about certain topics. Or maybe I'll just say to hell with all that and do what I please. You'll just have to see, I guess.

Big love to all my dearest friends and--even more so!--to people I haven't even met, who continue to send kind words my way---about my writing, about my experiences, about my life as a mom. You all are worth your weight in gold.

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Question said...

I hope you don't quit completely for purely selfish reasons. I like your writing and hearing about what's going on. But, more importantly, I long for more contact with my nieces. I am used to seeing them all the time and right now I can't. Thus, hearing your cute stories about your kids helps to keep my cute and cuddly needs in check.