Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Tired. Legs Ache. Old.

On Monday I couldn't do my regular run due to a 3-1/2 hour preschool volunteer meeting (GAH! Save me.) I made up the run on Tuesday. Yesterday I stuck with my usual schedule and powered out my normal Wednesday run even though I don't typically run two days in a row if I can help it. Then this morning I set off with both girls for our long-awaited, newly-installed, brand-new, one-block-away playground, where we then played for just 20 minutes before Genevieve had a poopy diaper. Uncharacteristically, I had NOTHING with me, and the situation couldn't wait. I knew we'd have to go home for a diaper change. Since we had just gotten there, and were in the midst of an impromptu playdate with a couple of babies and their nanny we'd met at the park, I wanted to get home and back as fast as possible. I loaded both girls into the double stroller and shot off for home as fast as my muscles would go. Which, after recently running eight miles within one 24-hour period, perhaps wasn't all that fast. But it felt pretty taxing, let me tell you. We're talking, what?--35 pounds of preschooler and 28 pounds of toddler? Plus the weight of the double stroller? Yeah, I was working up a sweat.

Anyway, I ran home, changed the offending diaper, loaded the stroller back up with its 63-pound kid cargo, and ran back to the playground, where we played on the giant playset for another hour. I was kept busy running up and down the ramps and steps, making sure Genevieve didn't fall off the top of the jungle gym. Then we went for a long walk home, which unfortunately somehow included pushing the kid-laden stroller up a giant hill. (By this point the girls had collapsed from exhaustion. Sadly, I had no such option.)

There is a reason women sometimes have babies in their TWENTIES, people. TWENTIES. A time of VIGOR and HIGH ENERGY. Unlike one's THIRTIES, which are apparently a time of EXHAUSTION and ACTIVITY-INDUCED COMA-LIKE BEHAVIOR.

Uh, about dinner tonight? Is the Dairy Queen drive-thru still open? Because I don't think I'm going to be able to attain an upright position for the rest of the day. But a Blizzard would really hit the spot.


Mnmom said...

Holy Cow I'm dying from laughter! I had that tandem stroller too, and pushed it up many many hills. And this was back in 1994 when they had cheap little wheels, not the off road variety you can get today.

Hmmmmm we had frozen pizza last night, and will probably order out Friday so I guess I'm forced to cook something tonight. That is, after the 9-year-old's dentist appointment, the 14 year old's volleyball game, and of course the full time job. And on top of that there is the never-ending laundry, and tomorrow the van goes in for a check up.

But this all means good things:
I HAVE a job
I HAVE a van
My kids are alive and healthy
We have clothes to wear
We have a washer and dryer
We have food to eat

Mnmom said...

My god, someone shut me up!

Rob Hardy said...

After the supposed end of potty training (i.e., no diapers), one of our boys had a severe accident (of the down the legs and into the shoes variety) on a walk in Big Woods State Park. He was miserable, and I had to pick him up and run with him back to the car to take him home. Big Woods State Park is hilly, and a challenge for an out-of-shape runner even without a blivit* in his arms.

*Kurt Vonnegut defined "blivit" as "two pounds of s**t in a one-pound bag." It became a favorite word of ours in those days.

Shan said...

Hey, WE had frozen pizza last night too!

Mnmom gets the award for sweetest gratitude list. Rob (or maybe Kurt Vonnegut?) gets the award for best potty-accident-related word.

I did autumn nature collages with my girls after nap today, so I get the award for most creative way to engage with the children while also sitting on my ass.

donna said...

I'm not sure if I should laugh or cry because I can relate to this post waaay too much. :)