Sunday, September 21, 2008


On Saturday morning, we went to our town's farmers' market. I was craving Swiss chard, local, no-spray veggies, carrots still dirty from the ground. We bought the longed-for chard, a huge bowl of cherry tomatoes, yellow summer squash, acorn squash, carrots, beets, fresh green beans, and--because the girls fairly put their faces smack into the table-full--a miniature fresh peach pie, still warm from the farmhouse oven.

Over the course of the weekend I made Swiss chard quiche, whole-wheat applesauce oatmeal muffins, homemade bean-and-vegetable soup, apple crisp. The girls were up to the task. Even Genevieve, Miss More-Bread-and-Butter, ate her eggs and greens.

A well-spent, well-fed weekend. Surely I can be forgiven those gummy bears?


Mnmom said...

That list sounded like minestrone soup coming on. Quiche sounds even better. I had a killer breakfast sandwich yesterday, and leftovers for lunch today, with chorizo, swiss, eggs, pesto, and loads of spinach.

Shan said...

Actually I made this amazing recipe that is honestly the best soup ever. It's called white bean, potato, and kale soup. I made it with chickpeas instead of white beans and chard instead of kale but I have used white beans and kale also. It is SO GOOD. I'll have to blog the recipe. It's got fresh carrots in it too. Mmmm, your sandwich sounds scrumptious!