Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Leaf Rubbings

Over the summer I got away from What-to-Do Wednesdays, my weekly kids'-activity feature. Can you blame me? I was far too busy deflecting crises and managing tantrums to come up with creative playtime ideas. But I've been getting some requests to bring it back, and I'm determined to try. I might not get to it every single week, but I'll do my best. Which brings me to....

Leaf rubbings!

Surely you remember this classic autumn art project from your own childhood. Well, it's time to break it out! All you have to do is go on a walk to collect some nice fall leaves, bring them home and place them under a piece of paper, then rub an unwrapped crayon (lying down flat on the paper) over the paper to bring out the outlines of the leaves below. It looks best when you use an assortment of autumn-leaf colors, such as orange, red, yellow, and brown, but of course there's no reason your toddler's leaf rubbing couldn't be rendered in pink and purple. Have fun!


Mnmom said...

We loved those! Next time take the paper and crayons with you, and do rubbings of trees, grass, etc.
Then, this winter, very carefully fill WELL greased mini muffin tins with a all those broken crayon bits and slowly melt them into multi-colored crayon chunks. Kids love to make and use those!

Have I sent you my recipe for homemade play-dough? That got me through many horrid winter days. Also, I have BAGS of play-dough toys ready to sell at the garage sale. If you're interested, I'll put them aside for you.

Shan said...

We just made homemade Play-Doh last Friday! I'll have to re-run that activity as a Wednesday feature. :)

I'm sure my girls would love any "new" Play-Doh toys. We have a lot of cookie cutters and a rolling pin and that's about it!

Hey, love your homemade crayon idea!