Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Adult Pursuits

On Friday I am flying to San Antonio to visit a good friend for a couple of days. Last night a friend of mine and I met for dinner. And afterward I went to the bookstore next door and bought a new book for an evening book reading/discussion event I will be attending in a couple of weeks with some other women friends here in town. What? Am I actually beginning to have some semblance of a non-mothering life, in addition to my devoted-mama life? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. Of course, all this fun requires a devoted husband to take over in my place, so I'm grateful to have a spouse who is truly an equal partner in parenting. Some day Genevieve will stop waging her war against bedtime and we'll actually be able to hire a sitter to come over during evening hours to put our girls to bed for us, and we'll do fun things like go out for Indian food or to a book reading TOGETHER. In the meantime, were we to do that we'd probably face charges of torture against the poor unsuspecting non-family-member forced to cope with ongoing toddler bedtime-screaming.

In other news, Genevieve keeps talking in her sleep. Actually, it's more like yelling. She'll be sound asleep, but ragefully shouting things like, "Mama, NOOOOOOO! Noooooo!" She's probably dreaming that I'm trying to put her in her sleep-sack or change her diaper, or, you know, convince her to do just about anything at all. She's even belligerent in her sleep! Isn't she going to make a lovely teenager? I can see it now, and I bet you can too.


Mnmom said...

Have a fantastic time! Drink wine! Stay up too late! Sleep in! Stop and window shop whenever you want! All those things Mommies can't do.

You will love having a book club. Mine has been together since 2001 and we call each other "The Book Club Fairies" and we're so close it's insane. I'd be happy to send you our website so you can see our reading list.

Shan said...

Ah, no---I don't yet have the time, patience, or energy for a regular book club; this one is a one-time event, that "Northfield Reads" program. I don't know much about it other than that it is open to the public and anyone can read the book and then attend the reading/discussion (on campus). Should be fun though! Some day I'll get back to reading books on a regular basis and then I'd love a REAL book club! These days the most I can regularly manage are magazine articles! Short ones! :)