Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bloom is Off the Rose

Apparently the "Mama's home!" honeymoon is already over as far as Genevieve is concerned. This morning she yelled at me when I smiled at her and gave her a cuddle when she woke up, and then she threw a giant fit when I attempted to dress her in weather-appropriate clothing, refusing to wear anything other than a short-sleeved onesie, cotton pants, and bare feet. (Here's an unsurprising update on the whole baby's-cold-at-night problem: not only does Genevieve continue to refuse to wear the infamous toddler sleep-sack, she also will not wear a blanket sleeper, or even footie pajamas, or even an undershirt-onesie under her regular knit pajamas, or even socks on her feet. WHICH WOULD BE ALL WELL AND GOOD IF SHE KEPT HER BLANKETS ON AT NIGHT. Or even if she kicked off her blankets all night long but somehow remained unbothered, asleep, and NOT CRYING about it.

This baby is going to turn all my hair gray.

And let me tell you this. Guess what? There is actually no earthly way to force a two-year-old to keep socks on her feet. Or a cardigan on over her short-sleeved shirt. And are you imagining that one just simply forcibly puts the sleep-sack on her? Or the blanket sleeper? Or the footie pajamas? Are you thinking this? Well, sure she'll cry, but just force it on her and make her wear it. She'll get over it. Um, no. What occurred when we attempted such a coup was a scene that threatened to spur the neighbors to alarmedly phone Child Protective Services. You think I am joking, but I am not.

It's going to be a long winter, people.


Anonymous said...

And.....You're back :)Year two of Vivi will be a long one. Long summer, long winter.... But she will move out of this stage and one day you may even look back and laugh. I know that seems like a long way off, but as your mom says, "This too shall pass" Maybe you need to start chanting. May I suggest, Serenity Now.....(Insanity Later) A little Seinfeld goes a long way :) Hang in there, hon.

Shan said...


I love it. :)

donna said...

On the one hand, you should be grateful for her not realizing how much time works - it made it easy for you to be away, but it also means the honeymoon period is shorter.

Good luck with the wardrobe issues. I have no suggestions for you (shock! I know!)

Mnmom said...

I KNOW you are not kidding because we had the same issues here. I remember many episodes of forcing on winter clothes so we could leave the house, only to have them forcibly removed by said toddler while in the van.

And they don't get much better. You'd think 14-yr-olds would understand by now that cold air hurts. But no, they still insist on small polar fleece jackets and no mittens or hats in the winter. And yes, they still whine to you that they are COLD. But now, I get the satisfaction of retorting "and how is that MY problem? There are perfectly good winter clothes at home. YOU choose not to wear them so suffer!"

MamaKel said...

Have you tried a space heater in her room? We foot the extra electric bill in the name of our sanity. We put baby gates around it so our 2 year old cant touch it.

Shan said...


If you (or anyone else) can recommend to me a space heater that is absolutely silent (i.e. does not do that noisy cycling on and off thing), is guaranteed safe for children's rooms, and does not overheat the room, I'm very willing to try it. The space heater we have (bought before we had kids, but still fairly recently) wakes the babies (and me) when it's motor goes on and off to regulate temp, and it once heated up a bedroom by ten degrees in 30 minutes, which was way too hot (and scary), so....I'm not super confident about space heaters.

MamaKel said...

This is the one we have:

We keep only one side on the lowest setting so it doesnt get too warm in her room. It has an overheat turn off mechanism and we have it away from all flamables with a gate around it.... I am sure there is still some small risk of fire though.