Monday, October 06, 2008

Fall Frolic 2008

Over the weekend we embarked upon our second annual pumpkin-patch adventure at a nearby farm. We love this place. We met some friends there, and everyone had fun--everyone except Genevieve, I mean. No, really, toward the end she finally came around and decided that picking pumpkins and apples, visiting farm animals, and petting a gentle dog wasn't a special form of torture after all, and she actually began to smile. The photos here are from that portion of the visit. We also have a whole batch of photos featuring joyful grins from everyone else, and then Genevieve sulking in the background, walking out of the frame with her shoulders slumped, or Genevieve scowling into her lap while the other children grin and cheer at the camera. What was her problem? I have no idea. She was the absolute picture of a moody teenager. Good Lord, can you imagine what Genevieve's adolescence is going to be like? I'm going to start saving up now for powerful prescription mood-altering drugs. For myself, I mean.

Anyway, it was picturesque and idyllic, as fall in Minnesota always is. And as for outdoor adventures with preschoolers and toddlers? Picturesque and idyllic too, in their own way, of course. Right?

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donna said...

FUN! Love the pics!!