Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Go Obama

Was anyone else in tears during most of the Obama television program tonight? I've been a diehard Democrat my entire life, but I've never, ever been so utterly consumed by a presidential election before this year. I've never felt leveled--just laid out flat--by the sorry state of our country before now. I've never before believed there would be no hope for this world if my preferred candidate did not win. I've never felt so strongly that one person is our country's salvation and the only chance for a good future for my family and all the other regular working middle-class families out there. I know there are folks who feel just as strongly about McCain as my family does about Obama. I don't understand those people--who must they be? are they benefiting right now, doing well with their mortgages and health insurance premiums and retirement accounts? really?--but I guess they don't understand me, either. I wonder if they watched TV tonight, and if they remained dry-eyed.

Are you excited about next Tuesday? Is anyone taking the day off work? Is anyone taking their babies to the polls, just to expose their little hearts to the excitement of hopefulness and optimism? Can you hardly wait?


Question said...

I'm so excited about voting that I've decided to do it in person rather than absentee even though it is the day after chemo. I just can't fathom not participating on election day.

And, seriously, who are those people? In all honesty, I have started to completely resent them because I know many think it is quite okay that I will never, ever be able to buy health insurance for myself if I was to become uninsured through an employer.

Mnmom said...

I'm door knocking from 8am - noon on election day!
Can't wait!

Like question, I also am without insurance because of cancer. Luckily I snagged a job with benefits but if I lose that, I'm SOL. It's a sad state of affairs that we have $7billion to bail out greedy banks but nothing to guarantee health care for our citizens.

donna said...

I missed the Obama program (damn time zones), but I hear it was amazing. Hoping to find it online.

As for next Tuesday, I won't be at work because it's a holiday! Yes, I live in one of the few states which declares election day a holiday. Too bad we have such low voter turn-out. Although I suspect we'll have a bigger than usual turnout this year... Something about some guy named Obama who grew up here or something.

Heidi said...

YES! I, too, can hardly wait for Election Day! I've gotten so many calls from the MN DFL (why can't they get their computer-act straight so they don't double up on calls?) and am always so happy to be able to stop them 2 sec's into their spiel and say, "I'll save you some time; you had me at hello!" No, I don't actually say *that*, but I do say, "You've got us! Yup! We can't wait! We'll be there w/ bells on... Obama and Franken... yup, count on it!" They're always so happy to hear that!

My only fear is that the election will be too close to call again like in 2000, and we'll go to bed w/out really knowing the result... esp. w/ what I've been hearing about some precincts not having many voting machines for their expected turn-out, and some having technical problems, and then there are the advance-votes that have already been cast -- how's *that* work? It always used to be that you could only do that if you, for a really good reason, wouldn't be in town on election day. You watch... unless it's a landslide, and I fear it won't be, there will be appeals and questions and it won't get sorted out for awhile. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade, but that's just my fear.