Thursday, October 23, 2008

Long-Awaited Girly Trip

Tomorrow I'm leaving these honeys and this autumn weather in Minnesota, for a child-free existence amidst 88 degrees in Texas!

But only for a weekend.

I'll be back next week, with tales to tell of what grown women do when they're childless. For 2-1/2 days anyway. I've heard that full nights' sleep are involved. Also using the restroom in private, and eating an entire meal without having to get up once.

Best of all, this little jaunt will include hanging out with one of my dearest friends in the entire world--truly, words cannot do justice to her kindheartedness and her loyalty--so I know I'll have a lot of fun. Probably involving chocolate.

I don't leave for another day, but I know today is going to be consumed with finishing the weekly housecleaning, cooking some healthy advance-dinners, and packing for a climate some 45 degrees warmer than the one here. Unfortunately, I'll be doing all this with the help of a major caffeine overdose, because Genevieve kept me up ALL NIGHT LONG last night for the fourth night in a row. I thought this night-waking business was over once the baby was DONE BREASTFEEDING. What the heck? Why all the crying and yelling and tossing and turning and calling and screaming and bad dreams and no blankets and bedtime tantrums and morning grumps? Am I in kid-sleep hell?

I need my coffee and some PBS Kids. Oh! And also a weekend getaway! Ahhhh....

See you next week.


Rob Hardy said...

I like how, in both pictures, you're luminous and blurry, like a cinematic angel, as if you've already begun to enter a higher state of bliss.

donna said...

Have a great time!

Take a teeny tiny purse. Get a funky colored mani-pedi. Eat at a place where they don't have a kids' menu. Stay up late. Sleep in. Wear high heels*. Go window shopping. Eat chocolate and/or ice cream for dinner. Giggle like only girls can while doing girl-time.

And write about it when you get back. :) Have a fab time, Shannon!

* The kind that makes is impossible to carry a child. Although, I'm not sure if your foot problems prevent this.

Shan said...

I really hope my higher state of bliss involves a lot more sleep.

As for Donna's suggestions, I love them all, even the ones I'm not sure I can pull off. (A teeny tiny purse does not allow for the voluminous stash of pleasure reading I hope to amass for the plane and the long wait in the airport beforehand. High heels make my arthritis very angry and therefore make me whimper with regret afterward.) But I'll consider all such prescriptions. And I can guarantee I'll have fun no matter what. Thanks for the well wishes!

Mnmom said...

Being away from the kiddos makes you appreciate the things you can't do now, like walking and stopping on YOUR OWN schedule. It's incredibly freeing.
Have a great time!

Tiffany said...

I'm weighing in on a child I know NOTHING about. Could she be sick in some way? Is she sleeping during the day? Four nights with no sleep? YIKES! I'd be calling SOMEONE for help.

Shan said...

Hi Tiffany--Nah, I meant I'D had no sleep in 4 nights, not Genevieve--because I cannot return to sleep after each one of her night-wakings! She does sleep, she just also wakes up 3-6 times per night crying. Usually it seems to be because she's uncovered, and cold. And she also seems to have bad dreams of some sort--she cries out in her sleep very often, sometimes waking up and needing comfort and sometimes not. But either way it wakes ME up, and then I'm awake for ages before falling back to sleep.

I truly believe Vivi's only "sickness" is Extreme Terrible Twos.