Sunday, October 19, 2008


I've decided that if I could have any superpower, I'd pick the ability to put myself back to sleep instantly upon being awakened during the night. That way, when Genevieve wakes up at night crying, as she did six different times last night because she does not keep her blankets on and thus keeps getting chilled, I'd only lose a couple of minutes of sleep each time, like Christopher--rather than the hours I actually end up missing. My life would be transformed! If only.

Last year Genevieve wore a giant fleece toddler sleep-sack ("wearable blanket") all winter long to help keep her warm. We dubbed it the "Big Blue Suit." Of course she has grown out of that one, and so the other week we ordered her a new, different, larger one. This one is purple and is embroidered with a little blonde fairy on one shoulder. Last year Genevieve grew to love her Big Blue Suit, but now, apparently because it has been six months since she has worn a sleep-sack and also because she is two and as stubborn as a mule with a personality disorder, she has rejected the New Purple Suit out of hand. When it came in the mail, I opened the package in front of her, drew out the cozy fleece, oohed and aahed over it dramatically, pointed out the sweet little fairy, and admired the violet hue.

Genevieve took one look at it, scowled, shook her head, pointed at it, and said firmly, "NO. No bo-po [purple]. No doot [suit]."

And that is how we are doing as far as the wearable blanket is concerned.

And no, she won't wear a blanket sleeper either.

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Tiffany said...

Can you duck tape a blanket to her? I can handle a lot, but no sleep I can NOT handle. I hope you find a solution soon.