Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What-to-Do Wednesdays: Apple Farm

Last Saturday the girls and I were among the lucky attendees at an apple-themed outdoor kids' birthday party, held in the yard and meadow of some family friends who live out in the country. We had a fantastic time. The girls were sent home with a party-favor bag filled with paper cut-outs of apples, apple stickers, and apple books, including Apple Farmer Annie, by one of our favorite children's authors, Monica Wellington.

All of this inspired an imaginative and engrossing playtime activity: pretending to be an apple farmer, just like Annie in the book, who grows and picks apples to sell at a farmers' market. Julia and Genevieve had great fun locating baskets and pretend apples (including a crop of plastic snap-on baby beads), and setting up their "apple stand" on the sofa.

They then sold apples, apple muffins, apple pies, and candied apples at their market. Great fun, and creative too. Plus it continues the theme of autumn-related activities.

And remember: if you can keep the kids from eating all of them, you could let them use real apples for this game, too.


Mnmom said...

We love to watch cooking shows, then the twins would put on their own 3 or 4 year old cooking shows. It was hysterical!!!!

Shan said...

Now THAT would be funny. :)

Feener said...

what a cute idea for a party. i just reviewed this book and my girls enjoyed it as well. i didn't realize she had other books we will have to check them out.

Shan said...

Feener, we love Monica Wellington! Check out Zinnia's Garden--it's a lovely, gorgeous book.