Friday, October 10, 2008

While the Baby Watches Sesame Street

Aren't there how-to-write-a-good-blog instructions somewhere that say something about how you should never write a post about how you have nothing to write? Well, I'm violating those instructions today.

I don't have much to write these days. You know: the baby keeps screaming at bedtime, the preschooler keeps obsessively playing "nativity story," we're busy with our seed collection and our Halloween decorations and our school mornings and our playdates. Julia draws about a hundred pictures a day, one after the other, paper paper everywhere, and argues with me daily about how many of them I recycle at one time. I'm sorry, but I'm drowning in paper; recycling must happen, oh tortured artist.

We've been visiting our new neighborhood playground pretty much every day with great joy, watching a healthy amount of PBSKids, going to Target way too often, fretting about the economy and the election, cooking, baking, and wishing my parents would come for a weekend (hear that, Mom and Dad?). At night I run five miles and then come home and eat ice cream out of nervousness while listening to the baby scream, because my brain is so tired of all the bedtime screaming. I haven't decided yet if the running five miles makes up for the ice cream or not. Sometimes I want to tear my hair out and then I remember how MNMom is always telling me that before I know it my girls will be nine years old, eleven years old, teenagers, and no one will be screaming in their cribs at bedtime anymore, and I will hardly believe it, and I'll miss their chubby baby hands and their baby blankies. I know it's true.

Sometimes I take Genevieve on stroller walks and I realize that she is almost too old for a stroller and then one of my all-time favorite baby things will be over, because I've always loved going for walks with the stroller.

So that's it, people. How is autumn going for you? Any screaming babies in your life? What about stroller walks? Is there anything you're wishing away, and anything else that you're trying to hold onto?


Rob Hardy said...

No screaming babies, just teenagers and their loud music. I'm enjoying my brief sojourn as a professor at Carleton, and I'm recovering from the shock of buying our first new car (actually, a used Honda Accord) since 1996...when we did still have a screaming baby.

Christopher Tassava said...

My life's a lot like yours. A screaming baby, worse even than yours. No stroller walks, but my girls enjoy going to the park, too. Running a bit, but I never have ice cream in the evening because by the time I remember it's there, someone else has eaten it.

Mnmom said...

Doesn't mean those years weren't some of the hardest of my life, just that in retrospect they went so very quickly!
They days are long but the years are short.

My girls were also prolific artists. Each masterpiece had to "age" on the frig, then in a pile on my desk before they could be properly disposed of. Put J on the floor and surround her with her pics, take a photo, then throw them all away. We love the MagnaDoodle for that reason, and for traveling, one pic after another after another after another but with no paper!

donna said...

I say enjoy those playground days because soon, it'll be playing in the snow. (Which is a different kind of fun, of course!)

I'm both wishing away and holding onto young children who don't stop chattering. Because I wish for a little peace and quiet once in awhile. And at the same time, I know one day they won't want to talk to me. And that, that day will come sooner than I want it to.