Thursday, November 13, 2008

I Feel Like a Cruise-Ship Social Director. For Toddlers.

Christopher's working an extra-long day today: he left before the girls were awake, and will be gone about an hour later than usual tonight. He took the car, and also it's raining. Thus, we have a long, indoor day to fill.

So far today we have: made and baked homemade soft pretzels; watched part of a Wiggles DVD from the library; had a tea party for morning snack, eating the homemade soft pretzels and drinking actual raspberry herbal tea in our teacups; watched the window-washers come and clean the interior and exterior of all the windows in our house; played Play-Doh; read library books; and gone "swimming" in the bathtub (with swimsuits, beach towels, etc.). And that was all before lunch.

Now it is naptime, only Julia isn't napping (and she's my without-fail napper!). If anyone has any tips on filling approximately four more hours of indoor playtime, let me know. Immediately.


Anonymous said...

I needed a nap just after reading that list, so I can't even begin to imagine how you must feel.

Thanks for shedding some light on what I didn't know is an incredibly difficult job! I think this blog is providing a much-needed window into the rigors of stay at home parenthood. Wow!

Shan said...

You're sweet, anonymous. It is a hard job, some days much more so than others. I always say it is personally much harder than my previous pre-baby office-based work, even though that was a stressful and rigorous professional career. One of the main differences is that back then I could do things like sit down for extended periods, talk to other adults on a daily if not hourly basis, eat lunch in peace (or at least without having to feed anyone else at the same time), use the restroom alone, and take coffee breaks. Then again there are scores of rewarding reasons why I chose to take on this harder job instead. I'm just more tired at the end of the day than I ever was when I worked outside the home, for pay.

Anonymous said...

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