Monday, November 03, 2008

If I Used Twitter

This is what I'm doing this morning:

Getting ever more excited for Election Day tomorrow.

Wondering what it would take for my family to have, say, three days in a row with nothing going on---no playdates, no board meetings, no out-of-town visits, no company coming, no doctor, dentist, opthalmologist, or hair salon appointments, no volunteer obligations, no parent-teacher conferences, no birthday parties. Wondering how my family got so ridiculously busy.

Trying to figure out if my caffeine consumption is necessarily helping me power through my ridiculously busy weeks, or giving me an artificial anxiety disorder.

Worrying about any number of things which I rationally understand are not worth worrying about but which I can't seem to stop worrying about anyway, such as the fact that Genevieve isn't involved in any early-childhood activities yet and that--aside from preschool for Julia--my children rarely play with other kids anymore (because we're too busy! what happened to playgroup? we're all too busy, that's what!). And my extreme difficulty in acquiring the needed number of continuing education credits to maintain my psychologist's license, now that I'm not working and need to be home to care for two children every day, and how in the world am I going to get 21 more CE hours before next September? How? And the fact that my girls really need some sort of indoor exercise this winter, but tumbling and dance classes for toddlers are expensive, people, and some months you're thinking, Well, it's either all these groceries or tumbling class! You know? And then I'm worrying about how maybe I should be WORKING and EARNING SOME MONEY.

Oh, there's much more on my anxious mind than even all this, but I don't have time to list the rest of it, and no doubt you're all just as glad.

Somehow I think the election is fevering my brain, and that maybe after tomorrow I'll feel calmer and better about everything. Assuming, of course, the right person for the job wins the election.

Because Obama will save me. Right?


Anonymous said...

Perception is everything ;)

donna said...

Can you do CEUs by remote? In my profession, you can purchase courses and then take a test to get (some, but not all) CEUs. As for cost, you can share the cost of the materials with a friend and that helps with $$. Colleagues of mine do this all the time (I've been fortunate enough to get all of my CEUs from all the conferences I attend.)

Shan said...

Hey Donna, well, I can do home-study CEUs, except they are sometimes not approved by the state board (meaning, you run the risk of buying and taking a home course only to have the credits rejected) but the bigger problem is that my state's psychology licensure board only gives you 1 hour of credit for THREE hours of home-course study. So it ends up being expensive and time-consuming (not much better than finding conferences to actually go to, which as you may know are outrageously expensive! And I'm not even earning any salary to help pay for them!). But I have had to rely on SOME of them in the past and might need to this year too. I just can't do 21 hours of home-study, b/c that would require me to buy and complete 63 hours of home courses! Yikes!

Question said...

I truly believe I will wake up Wednesday morning to a new reality. Birds will sound different. The sun will shine more brightly. Once-loved food will taste good again. Vivi will take a nap. J won't be laid off. My CT will be clean. Obama will bring about a magical new world. A girl can hope. Right?

Shan said...

Dear question: DEFINITELY. :)

Tiffany said...

Get a mini-trampoline. It can provide many hours of indoor exercise for the small sort. Since it's a one time expense, it's not too bad. Also, Christmas is coming--great gift idea.

Shan said...

Hey, a mini tramp is a GREAT idea! Thanks for the idea, Tiffany!