Sunday, November 09, 2008

It's Cold, People

Election night: still warm enough for tutus

Uh....does anyone else think it's a little COLD around here? Six days ago it was 75 degrees, two days ago it snowed, and today I'm sitting around in three layers, shivering while the furnace rumbles. The windchill outside is 18 degrees. It's fair to say I'm not really feeling prepared to go running in fleece, earbands, and gloves yet. Seeing as how last week I went running with bare legs and arms.

Autumn in Minnesota. It's always the same, and somehow always still shocking and surprising.

In other news, my babes are actively following the Obama family's search for a White-House-bound puppy, Genevieve's begun speaking in gerunds (at the window: "Mama! Snowing!"; co-strumming a stuffed Elmo's guitar: "Helping!"), and today I baked both chocolate chip cookies and from-scratch pizza dough, because it was cold and wintry outside and it seemed like the right thing to do. Of course eating chocolate chip cookies and homemade pizza is the even righter thing to do.

What's on your agenda for this late-autumn Sunday? A cold-weather run, in fleece and gloves? Movies on DVD? Working on your book proposal? Fill me in.


Mnmom said...

It IS cold today! I picked up beef sausage and beans to make soup this week. Right now I'm having a hot chocolate. I like late Fall - purple skies and bare trees. It says "hot coffee" to me.

Question said...

It is amazing to me how much difference a day can make - both in the weather and in my well-being. Today I ate a cupcake and transplanted tuberous begonias into vermiculite and then hauled them into the basement for their dark, winter slumber. Four days from right now, I'll be defending.

Elise said...

I could not agree MORE. I know some crazy people (read: your husband) welcome our snowy overlords, but personally I'd prefer that it stay autumn until at LEAST the day after Thanksgiving. At which point it could be pretty and snowy until early February, and then it would start being spring. In my world. Christ, I gotta move south.

donna said...

Would you be willing to share your pizza dough recipe? I've been looking for a good one but have admittedly been afraid to try just any old one because it takes time (that I don't have) and if it turns out crappy, well, that = sad me.

Shan said...

Donna, this time I used a recipe from the latest issue of Parents magazine. You can find it here:
My family loved it; I was a little ambivalent but I think that was because I didn't roll it out thin enough. I have a recipe from a friend that I suspect might be better but I have not yet tried it. However, I do get the sense that most basic pizza dough recipes are about the same.

donna said...

Thanks for the recipe. I know most dough recipes are about the same, but the fact that they are just a little different bugs me (Me? Anal? Never! Ha!).

After you try your friend's recipe, I'd love to have it, too! I really hate buying that Pilsbury stuff in the can. And english muffin pizzas have worn out their novelty in my house.