Saturday, November 15, 2008

Parenting Moments You Never Think About When You're Pregnant With That First Baby

Yesterday afternoon I found myself at the neighborhood playground with two small children bundled in parkas, hats, and mittens, changing a poopy diaper on the cold, wet ground. IN THE RAIN. Don't even ask.

Afterward, I found myself standing a half-block from home while one child stood at the end of the block refusing to walk any further toward our driveway and the other child fretted and cried about the first child refusing to move. ("But we'll never get home! We can't leave her outside on the corner!") This went on for a good fifteen minutes. STILL IN THE RAIN.

And then I went home and decided that when I re-enter the work force, "wrangling toddlers" should be a viable resume entry, indicative of vast internal stores of patience, negotiation skills, and the ability to keep one's head from blowing off one's body in a fit of temporary insanity.

The End.


Mnmom said...

been there, been there, been there. I wish I had been a SAHM in the 60's before it was frowned upon to take Valium on a daily basis.

Shan said...

Ha! I'm considering it anyway. ;)