Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving: The Recap

As can be seen by these photos, a great deal of cooking, baking, and eating occurred yesterday, much of it with the help of my two little Thanksgiving elves, Julia and Genevieve. I would like to inform the masses that the Jennie-O Oven-Ready turkey breast was a thrilling success.

As was my spontaneous homemade centerpiece of autumn bounty. See?

I must admit that I skipped my regular Thursday workout yesterday (exercise? on Thanksgiving? maybe if I wasn't doing the cooking...) and spent most of the day drinking coffee while listening to Turkey Confidential on Minnesota Public Radio.

(Mmmmm, pumpkin cheesecake.
And yes, that IS a side of turkey-shaped sugar cookie
and holiday M&Ms. What of it?)

Oh--and one more thing. If you happen to notice that the writing on the envelope of your Christmas card looks a bit wobbly this year, it MAY be because I addressed ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS CARDS last evening while tipsy on 2-1/2 glasses of champagne. Ha! My life is looking less harried all the time!


Mnmom said...

Looks lovely! I'll be posting soon as well. We're not even DOING cards this year. It's Christmas 1930's Depression Style!

Shan said...

Seriously----Xmas cards are EXPENSIVE! Even if you do the regular (non-photo) ones, there's all that postage! I bet many families are foregoing them this year.

donna said...

Ooh! You're wearing the necklace you blogged about before, aren't you?

Shan said...

Donna, indeed I am!

Shan said...

p.s. the best part about that Old Navy necklace is that the beads are tied onto striped grosgrain ribbon. So preppy! So pretty! Plus you can tie it to any length you like. Although, of course, it's CRAZY.

donna said...

And so pretty. (And it was on sale. Bonus!)