Sunday, December 14, 2008

I'll Be Leaving Fudge for Santa

I feel like I've been remiss in my mama-blogging duties lately, not updating grandparents and any others out there keeping track about the fact that Genevieve has indeed finally started to talk in a significant way--sentences and everything, entire conversations, as well as singing along from the back seat of the car in her little baby hum to "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year," her favorite Christmas tune. Sure, no one else may ever actually hear her, since she refuses to talk or smile in the presence of anyone other than our nuclear family, but trust me: she talks now. And she's not always as grumpy as she appears. Much of the time, yes; but not always.

And then there's her sleeping: after eight straight months of 30-60 minutes of screaming at just about every bedtime, she's gone to sleep with vastly reduced crying for several nights recently. Being good for Santa? I don't know, but it's surely an improvement.

And what of her constant overnight waking? Well, she's back on acid reflux medication after more than a year without, and whether that's helping calm some unknown stomach pains or whether she's simply turned a toddler corner, Genevieve is almost sleeping through the night again. She cries out occasionally, and sometimes needs help retrieving her covers or being assured that her teddy bear is nearby, but she's actually sleeping for most of the night again, after 3-1/2 months of severely disrupted sleep. I think I speak for us all when I say THANK GOD BECAUSE WE WERE ABOUT TO LOSE THE LAST VESTIGES OF OUR MINDS. If you recall, all that baby-crying actually raised my famously low blood pressure (and I'm not speaking figuratively), so it's a good thing things are getting better before I suffered a heart attack.

On another note, thanks to my parents' generosity, both girls are taking toddler tumbling this winter. Our classes began last Tuesday, and during the brief respite in our cold symptoms, we trundled off to the gym at mid-morning. Julia, for the first time, is in the "preschool" (four-year-old) class, which means she and a handful of other children go off with a teacher for directed tumbling, while Genevieve and I rock the "Tiny Tumblers" class for babies/toddlers and parents, which amounts to unstructured free play among the gymnastics mats, tunnels, tramps, and balls. (Julia's been in this class in the past.) We had great fun last week and are looking forward to class again this Tuesday before a two-week Christmas break.

And lastly, what I learned today is that I should have made only HALF A RECIPE of homemade fudge for the party I'm group-hosting tomorrow night for my volunteer job. Just for the record: a full recipe of fudge means you will have enough for your entire Christmas-tree-shaped party platter, to supplement your tins of sweets for friends, colleagues, and neighbors, and you will STILL be drowning in it afterward. Uh, no one needs this much fudge. No one.


Mnmom said...

Uh, no one but me, that is!

I was thinking about the lack of indoor place space the other day, and was thinking about the "extra" gym at the Middle School. Seems Community Ed and the Middle School could come up with a way to sell tickets to young Mom's looking to get out of the house and let their wee ones run around. You should talk to Community Ed about it.

Shan said...

Mnmom, I know, I love fudge too. But this may be going overboard even for me. :)

I didn't know a thing about an extra gym at the middle school. The Y does an "open gym" playtime at the armory for toddlers/preschoolers but it costs $5 per kid for non-members. It meets during J's school so I have taken G. before. It's fun but we need more options!

Mom said...

Now that you mention it, I seem to remember that Grandma Mary's fudge recipe makes about three pounds, all of which attach to your hips when you eat it! But it's yummy!

Shan said...

I know--that recipe is humongous! Little did I know! By the way, we should refer to her as Step-Great-Grandma Mary, to differentiate her from the other Grandma Mary, right?! How confusing.