Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Life Goals (or Not)

I seem to have come down with a nasty cold of some sort within the last 16 hours. I feel terrible, and am harboring fears of my cold turning into a sinus infection like the one that laid me low last spring. I'm popping ibuprofen and sending Christopher out for Mucinex and diet 7Up (I can't stand the taste of water when I'm sick). Actually, almost every family I know seems to have been felled by a virus or two this week, so I'm not alone. I dread the girls catching it, though I'm sure it's inevitable.

Luckily, even as I type this in a cloud of germs and misery, Julia and Genevieve are sitting on the floor of the living room, doing a puzzle together and then singing "the clean-up song" as they put the pieces back in the box, as if they needed no actual parenting at all. We can only hope this trend continues for the rest of the day.

And here I'll leave you with a little snippet of conversation I had with Julia yesterday in the car:

Julia: Mama, I guess I'm not going to be a writer or a teacher OR an artist when I'm big. I'm just going to be a woman.
Me: Well, you'll probably have to have a job, too.
Julia: No. I'm just going to be a woman.

OK then. Overachievement is overrated, anyway.


Mnmom said...

I'm home today - want company?
You need to get some nasal steriods for use in the winter - I speak from experience.

Here's a conversation during my SAHM years when the twin were about 2.5:

Twin #1 - "when I grow up, I want to build things, like Daddy."
Twin #2 - "when I grow up, I want to be a nothin, like Mommy."

Shan said...

Yeah, there was a part in there about Julia saying that I didn't have a job, so why should she? But the big difference was that she maintains she never wants to have babies ("it sounds too hard"--talk about the understatement of the century!), so I told her, well, you either have to have babies and taking care of them is your job, or you generally need some other job. She was like, No.

I would love company except I'm a sick zombie who would sneeze all over you and give you my cold and then fall asleep.

donna said...

Mnmom's comment made me laugh out loud!

Take care. Oh, and I don't like the taste of water when I'm sick, too!

Question said...

Do you down zinc and C when you can feel you're coming down with something? That seems to lessen the duration of my colds.

Also, my bro and SIL left here on Saturday morning and proceeded to pick up the norovirus. Both of them have been puking and pooping so severely that my brother had to go to the hospital to be rehydrated. We expect all three kids to get it tomorrow. It is not going to be pleasant around there. Thankfully, this all happened after they left, so I'm in the clear.

Oh, and ReeRee says there is no way she wants kids. I think it is because her twin sister is such a PITA.

Shan said...

OMG, I live in fear of the norovirus (or any forms of the stomach flu). Our household has not had it in 2 years and I am hoping it stays away for many more.

Anonymous said...

I swear by the Zacam nasal gel myself. Works absolute wonders on colds with none of the concomitant lozenge nausea. :)