Thursday, December 04, 2008

SICK. Getting Worse, Not Better.

Everyone knows I love being a mom and love my daughters more than life itself. That said, this:

Worst thing about being a parent: not being able to stay in bed and rest when you're sick. I am convinced that the lack of sick days available at this job makes the illnesses last twice as long and the symptoms become twice as severe.



Mnmom said...

We are so sick here too - must be the same virus. And I was thinking about you, and remembering how miserable it was to be sick and still have to be "on" for the little ones. One teen is home sick with me, and I'm taking care of her but once I get her some OJ, I can lay down with her a nap a bit.

I'm sending good thoughts your way. Lots of watered-down OJ, hot tea, Vitamin C, and as soon as Christopher comes home, go to bed. We've discovered the Kiss My Face Cold & Flu bath wash - avail at Econo. It's very soothing.

donna said...

Oh no! Take care. Hope the girls don't get it!