Friday, December 05, 2008

Surely Eggnog is Medicinal in Some Way

I have now spent the whole week, save for a stint visiting Julia's nursery school (I know! Visiting school when sick! So not good!), in yoga pants and questionable t-shirts, tending to my congestion and downing an awful lot of Advil. I know you're supposed to lose your appetite when you're sick, but except for the first day, I've applied myself pretty studiously to the task of maintaining my normal high-snacks diet, and since I'm way too sick to exercise in any way and so have skipped all my runs this week, I believe I'm actually gaining weight while ill---surely a first in the history of the world. Go me.

On tap this weekend: Christmas tree assembling and decorating, grocery shopping and holiday baking, an Advent program at a local church, and a Christmas tea for women neighbors on my street. My plan is to skip a few more runs, ingest a little more eggnog, gain a couple more pounds, and recover from this cold by Monday.

The holiday season awaits! Who has time to be sick?


Mnmom said...

Advil and Tylenol are flying down the hatch here, and I now swear by Benadryl Sinus. Get Better!!!!

Shan said...

I'm trying to figure out if I do indeed have a sinus infection (and not just a cold), and if so, if I need to go see a doctor in order to get better. It's such an ordeal to go to the doctor when you're a full-time SAHM to toddlers. Seriously--dragging a 2 year old and 4 year old along with me to the clinic is not my idea of a good time.