Sunday, December 07, 2008

Three Down

Both girls are now sick as well, and no one slept last night for all the coughing, sneezing, sniffling, crying, and moaning. We're a miserable bunch. (An aside: why is it that nothing whatsoever stops child-coughing? We've tried a bunch of baby/child cough medicines--and yes, I know that you're not even really supposed to give cough/cold medicines to young children anymore, blah blah blah--and none of them do a damn thing. And that recent study saying that a spoonful of honey worked just as well as medicine to stop children from coughing? Um, no. Not in our house. Unless "works to stop coughing" means "has no discernible effect other than getting your child all excited about being fed a spoonful of something very sweet.")

More later this week when, God willing, we all recover from this hell in time to a.) begin toddler/preschool tumbling class (it's not looking good, but it would pain me greatly to miss it, especially since this is the first week of the session and both girls are signed up), b.) not miss too much preschool, and c.) resume running before my muscles stage a revolt and turn into a pile of mush.

I've got presents to wrap, people!


Anna F. said...

A friend of mine tried baby Vicks vapor rub on her daughter's feet when she was coughing all night last week. She said it actually worked. She rubbed some on the bottom of her feet and put some socks on for the night. Worth a try!

Mom/Nonna said...

I was just going to reply with the same advice as Anna here. I have heard it is almost miraculous for some, kids and adults alike. Really slather the feet and cover with old sox. I don't know what will make Genna leave the sox on but glue them on somehow!! Good luck and may the germs leave quickly now.

Shan said...

Update: we tried this on both girls last night, and it did not seem to help. Although, who knows--maybe the coughing would have been worse without it?! Julia was the one who would not keep her socks on in bed. Genevieve actually did. Either way, Julia coughed. (Genevieve's was mostly preventative; she hasn't really started coughing yet.)

Mnmom said...

Johnson's makes a "baby" version of vaporub that we've used. Are you running a humidifier? Sadly, some coughs are just another reason that parents of young children look like they've been awake since last year.