Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Welcome to the New Economy

I am currently wondering if six degrees is too cold to go for my usual outdoor run tonight. Am also watching the lovely, peaceful snow coming down light but fast, and envisioning either a.) a gorgeous winter-wonderland jog, or b.) slipping and falling on the black ice hiding beneath the powdery film of snow on all the streets and sidewalks, thereby giving myself a sprained ankle--or worse. Hmmm. Tough call.

In other news, Julia got shoved--hard and on purpose--by a rowdy (and mean) boy at preschool tumbling class this morning, and I just ventured out of my comfort zone to initiate a playdate for Thursday morning with a fellow preschool mom I've never socialized with before outside of the nursery school hallways. She has a sweetheart of a quiet little daughter, just like Julia, and it recently occurred to me that it has been many, many months since my daughters played regularly with anyone other than, um, each other. Too bad it's taken me A YEAR AND A HALF to call up this mom and invite her and her daughter over for coffee (us) and playtime (them). Sigh. Sometimes I get in my own way.

Finally, I was at a holiday party last night during which the conversation turned to such topics as: considering fourth babies (fourth! and I can barely handle two!); having grandparents who live within a five-mile radius of one's own family (and sometimes as close as next door) and how wonderful it is to have such child-rearing help; and the fact that some moms I know are taking on NIGHT JOBS as the only way to make ends meet while staying home full-time with their children. Meaning, their husbands work full-time at solid, middle-class jobs, they take care of their kids all day long, and then they WORK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ALSO, just to pay the bills without also having to pay for daycare. Welcome to the new economy! Is it any wonder I left that party feeling just a little bit, um....less than cheerful?

But don't despair; I'm fine. The party was also full of laughter, delicious food, and friends, so that was good. And since Genevieve slept through the night last night (despite some major teething going on right now), I'm actually well-rested.

Which is a Christmas miracle if there ever was one.

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