Monday, December 29, 2008

We're Back, and We're Busy Sledding

We have our own little miniature sledding hill in our backyard! Perfect for the under-five set. See for yourself:

(with a neighbor friend)

By the time these photos were taken (yesterday), Genevieve had retreated inside to play Christmas toys with Daddy, but this morning the girls and I went out again with some other friends, and this time Genevieve was brave enough to go down the "baby hill" (an even gentler slope between the two farthest-right trees in the last photo above), as long as I was with her.

Maybe you noticed that the snow is melting. It was 42 degrees here one day while we up on the snow-covered, white-Christmasy northern plains for the holidays. Yesterday it was 34 degrees; today is much the same. But I hear a snowstorm front is moving in tonight, so perhaps our sledding hill will be revitalized by New Year's.

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