Thursday, January 15, 2009

Argh! Sick!

I'm crazy sick, everyone, so I don't think I'll be doing much writing for the rest of this week. My idea of hell is definitely being home full-time with two children under five with no help when you're so sick that you've lost your voice, your throat is on fire, you're wracked with repeated coughing fits, your ears and head ache, and your nose won't stop running. I mean, seriously--it's a nightmare to not be able to retire to one's bed when one is this sick. Talk about a luxury one does not appreciate when one is childless: the ability to have a real sick day when you are sick, rather than miserably staggering around changing diapers and preparing meals for other people. My only consolation is that it could be worse: the last time I felt this terrible, Christopher actually went on a business trip, leaving me with a ten-day fever and two toddlers to care for. At least this time he's in town, if at work.

Stay well, everyone--and stay warm. It's -30 degrees here, so staying warm is a bit of a losing battle, but we're all trying. The girls and I have discovered that hanging around in Disney Princess and Dora the Explorer sleeping bags seems to help.


Mnmom said...

Oh how I hated those days!! Children have no sympathy for Mom when she's sick. Do you have a good friend who could come over and give you some time to sleep?
About 7 years ago, John flew to TX for a 3-day business trip and within an hour of his flight leaving I came down with the worst case of pneumonia. I can sympathize.

Rob Hardy said...

I think our low point was this: two preschoolers, four cases of stomach flu, one bathroom.