Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Butter and Sugar Cure Colds, Right?

Julia and I caught a cold over the weekend, and while I didn't feel too bad for the first couple of days, now all of a sudden I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Unluckily for me, my three-hour volunteer board meeting that was cancelled yesterday due to our snowstorm ended up rescheduled for tonight. You know, right when I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Great.

However! Not even a terrible cold will keep me from posting recipes for my dear readers. Remember that Gypsy Soup, Herb Oat Bread, and Butterscotch Shortbread I made last Saturday and Sunday? Well here's another reason to love the Internet: while each of them came from my trusty collection of well-loved cookbooks (Moosewood, Quick Vegetarian Pleasures, and the Betty Crocker Cookie Book, respectively), I was able, in just a few short moments, to find each of them online. Here are the links for you.

Click here for Gypsy Soup. (Note: I used green peas instead of green peppers, and canned tomatoes instead of fresh, since, well, it's January.)

Click here for Herb Oat Bread. (Note: I used buttermilk instead of plain yogurt; they are interchangeable.)

Click here for Butterscotch Shortbread. (Note: The comment about being careful about the baking time is accurate; I under-baked my second batch, and the first round--a bit darker, and with a VERY slight burnt-caramelly-sugar taste--was much more scrumptious. But don't worry--you can't really go too wrong here. Another note: I rolled my shortbread dough into a big sheet and cut it with a sharp knife into small rectangles, rather than using cookie cutters to do shapes.)

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Katie said...

Thanks for the recipes, you just gave me something to do this afternoon. I was drooling over the shortbread the other day. I personally notice a direct correlation between my sugar consumption and feeling better when sick.