Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fruits of the Weekend

First-time preschooler-ice skating:

And too-little-to-go-ice-skating:

Homemade Gypsy Soup:

And buttermilk herb oat bread:

Plus butterscotch shortbread:


Good weekend.


Mnmom said...

All looks wonderful! When L was too little for skating we called it "booting" and she was just as happy. How did it go on the ice?

Baking here today too: red velvet cake and blueberry muffins

donna said...

Fun. Yum.

Shan said...

Mnmom, the ice skating went well for the first time, although keep in mind that I bet J. was on the ice for at most 15 minutes in her skates (then she slid in her boots for awhile). She clung to me for dear life and fell down a lot. :)