Monday, January 05, 2009

Having Hysterical Meltdowns in Advance; Not Helpful in Any Way

Argh!---I just cried my way through this essay from the New York Times parenting blog! If I'm generally an emotional, insomniac stress-case NOW, what am I going to be like when I send my first baby off to kindergarten next September?! And then, Good Lord, when I send my last baby off to kindergarten?!

There are not enough prescription medicines in the world.


Mnmom said...

Oh honey, it will be JUST FINE like the author says, JUST FINE! Nfld schools do such a good job of looking after the KGer's. Before you know it, she'll be an old hand at the bus and school. And before you know it, she will be telling you in minute detail every single aspect of her day and you will yearn for just a touch of ignorance. Are you going to do Sibley? We love it there!

Shan said...

Yes, we'll be at Sibley, and it's true that we have never heard anything but the most glowing words imaginable about that sweet little school! But honestly, it all seems impossible, sending off that first little honey into the big wide world. Somehow everyone survives, though, huh? So it must be OK. Leave it to me to start worrying about this 8 months in advance.

Mom said...

The first time around you will shed a few tears after you wave goodbye and then wring your hands till she jumps off the bus bringing her home. Each day after the first will be her adventure! And the second time around you'll squeeze out a tear or two and then, as the bus rounds the corner, jump into the air, click your heels, and revel in the quiet time to do something you WANT to do now, and just can't find the time!!!