Thursday, January 08, 2009

That Sounds a Lot Like How Things are RIGHT NOW.

This morning, during breakfast:

Julia: When I'm big, I'm not going to have children, so THEN I'LL BE ALL ALONE EATING MY BREAKFAST!
Me: Well that's why some people decide to have children.
Julia: But I'm not going to. So I'll be lonely! Oh, wait. Genevieve will be with me.
Me: Yes, Genevieve can still be your friend even when you're grown-ups.
Julia: She's my sister!
Me: She can be your sister AND your friend.
Julia: Yeah! We can live in the same house. Together.
Me: Sure. You can do that if you want. And maybe the two of you can live in a house together near Daddy and me, so we can see you whenever we want.
Julia: Yeah! We can come to your house every morning and you can make us waffles!


Mnmom said...

HA! At least she didn't add "and do my laundry".
We tell our kids that THEY are our retirement plan. They have to get great jobs so we can live off them. The twins have said we can live near them, but not with them. Lina is still OK with the live-in part.

Anonymous said...

Our girls are great.