Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Fighting a Losing Battle with January.

Is anyone else besides me wondering if they should even bother washing their front-door area rugs again before spring? What I've learned this month: do not buy a beige area rug for the entry-way floor. It will constantly be covered in muddy snow-slush-dirt tracks from everyone's boots, and when you wash it, it will remain clean for about five minutes, until the next person comes in the door from outside. Brilliant.


Question said...

You could always use my approach and flip it over. :)

latisha said...

but its no fun to always think things through. imagine the conversation in your head before buying the rug. "really is this a good idea. there's snow, and mud and of course the ocasional red wine, the cheap bottle naturally which is harder to get out, and the kids - think about the kids etc..." at least you get to actually enjoy your rug when it is clean - if only for a moment!

Mnmom said...

I decided to rip up all my carpets and just install dirt floors. It has cut my housekeeping chores by 60%!