Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Never Good for You?

The high tomorrow is supposed to be one below zero. The HIGH.

Today we got about six inches of snow, and I was forced to cancel the volunteer board meeting I had scheduled for tonight. Sadly, this gives me no remaining excuse to skip my normal Monday evening workout, but it does give me the unpleasant task of having to find an ALTERNATE meeting date that works with eight different people's schedules. GAH! I'm going crazy. This all reminds me of an old New Yorker cartoon that Christopher and I had taped above our phone for a very long time back in graduate school: a businessman standing at his desk contemplating his calendar, with the phone to his ear, saying, "How about never? Is never good for you?" We found this cartoon absolutely hilarious, and honestly, I still do. It's exactly how I feel about most scheduling commitments. I wish I still had that cartoon.

Of course part of why I'm going crazy may be that Julia has yet another terrible cold and was home from preschool again today (for the fourth day so far this year, and after only one week back at school and healthy after her holiday vacation/cold virus). Also, Christopher ended up working an hour late tonight. And I cleaned up two potty accidents this afternoon. Two! Did I mention that I caught this cold, also? Ah, fun times, people. Sure, it's an amazing blue-and-white winter wonderland outside, but I'm stranded indoors behind a giant snowdrift cleaning pee off the floor.

Oh, and for those of you interested in the recipes for the yummy things I cooked and baked over the weekend, stay tuned. I'll get that info posted for you soon. Right now I'm too busy eating shortbread and, pee off the floor (not at the same time).


Mnmom said...

Ah the days of cleaning pee off the floor . . . good times, good times.

All I can recommend is Aleve-D and Mucinex.

donna said...

You mean this cartoon?

As for the going crazy... I was hunched over a toilet fishing out wads and wads of flushable wipes this weekend. My son found my daughter wiping and wiping and wiping and told me what happened - thankfully BEFORE she flushed. (We won't talk about the fact that while I had my hand in the toilet, my son was panicked about not being able to use said toilet (his toilet of choice; we won't mention how many other toilets we have available in the house). And we won't mention the fact that this was 6:30am on Saturday - the morning I woke with laryngitis.)

But we will mention how much we're looking forward to recipes!

Shan said...

Ah! Donna! Love, love, love! Can't believe you found my favorite cartoon! I didn't quite get the quote right, did I? Forgot the first part. Everyone should go to the link and see it.

lori said...

Ha! I have that cartoon above my desk.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Yes, the pee. The pee!Such an everyday issue when you have a boy who likes to squeeze his penis while peeing so the pee goes EVERYWHERE!