Monday, January 26, 2009


My great-aunt finally passed away late last night. I'll be leaving town later this week for her funeral, leaving the girls home with Christopher. I wish we could all go, but it's too much driving in too short a time for the girls, and they're too little for a funeral service anyway. Today I am thinking of my great-aunt's long and wonderful life, and missing her.

And then there's Julia's first swimming class yesterday afternoon, which was so awful I can't even talk about it. (Not that the class itself or the teachers were awful; it was awful watching my tiny daughter become more and more paralyzed by fear, white as a sheet, and chin-quivery as she struggled not to cry from across the pool from where I sat with a perfect view of her suffering little face. It was worse than the first month of preschool at age three. It was worse than her past medical tests and surgery. I am miserable just thinking about it!)

I need some sort of (legal) mood-altering self-prescription!


donna said...

Shannon: My condolences. May your travel be safe.

Christopher: My advice... Playdates. Lots of them.

Elise said...

Bourbon. You need bourbon. Legal and tasty.

Mom/Nonna said...

I think maybe Julia doesn't need swimming lessons at this stage in her life. If she learns to like it, fine, but maybe swimming lessons would be better accepted when she is six or seven! Think about it. If she is going to dread these next six weeks and worry as the day comes closer, it is NOT worth it.

Question said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt.

I hope the swimming lessons work out for J. One of twins is behind her sister in both physical and mental development. And she knows it, so she gets frustrated easily. But, she seemed to like the water so my brother took her to swimming lessons. It gave her such confidence. She's in her second round now and doesn't need a parent in the pool with her.

Mom and Kiddo said...

I am sorry for your loss. May her memory continue to be a blessing in your life.