Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Now

The other day Genevieve said "yogurt" instead of "doga" for the first time. "You said 'yogurt'!" I exclaimed, and she grinned and said, "Yes! No 'doga.' Yogurt! Because I'm BIG now!"

Which of course made me think of how Julia always said "yor-gut" for "yogurt". And that reminded me of this post (which was also published in a slightly different form at MotherVerse).


Mnmom said...

Exactly. A friend sadly remembers the day her youngest started saying "zebra" instead of "breeza". And I hung on to Jean's "breckstis" as long as I could before it became "breakfast". And when Lina started saying "tummy ache" instead of "tummy egg" I knew I had crossed over the border of young mom into older mom.

Anonymous said...

Lucy says "YOGRET."