Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

So the girls and I are uncharacteristically busy this week. Julia had her second swimming lesson on Sunday, and thanks to a little pre-lesson powwow with the teachers before class began, it went much better than her first one the week before. (Whew.)

On Monday Julia had preschool as usual, and Genevieve had her very first ECFE class. ECFE is somewhat of a rite of passage for pre-K children and at-home moms in Minnesota, and poor Genevieve--due to the whole second-child syndrome, when you skip all sorts of opportunities your first child had at the same age because now you're coordinating things like preschool schedules and the logistics of two children vs. one--had yet to experience it. I finally figured it's about time that Genevieve starts getting used to things like early-childhood classrooms and teachers, circle time, playing with a group, sharing toys, and allowing me to leave her for a short while. (The class involves parent-child play for the first half of class, then a period of parent-discussion/education in another room while the toddlers play in the classroom with the teachers.) Unfortunately, on Monday I spent the entire parent-discussion period with Genevieve in the classroom, since she was not ready to separate. Mainly I watched her play with Play-Doh and puzzles while I gazed longingly in the direction of the next-door parent room, where a bunch of my fellow-mom friends were sitting in adult-sized chairs, drinking tea, and eating a snack. Ah well, perhaps next week.

Finally, yesterday we had our last toddler-tumbling class, and today during Julia's preschool I took Genevieve to a large open-gym toddler playtime sponsored by our local Y.

You'd think all this activity would wear a child out, but right now Genevieve's in her crib, calling, "Mama, I'm not tired! I'm not tired! I'm not tired!"

I wish that were two of us.

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Mnmom said...

My PTSD is acting up! I can remember all that so very clearly. Oh oh, the choppers are coming!!!