Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Changing the Sheets

Do ever get that split-second flash of nostalgia when something mundane suddenly transports you into the past for a moment, bringing with it the emotions of that time as well? I was changing the sheets in our guest room this morning, on the bed that used to be Christopher's and my bed, back when we had newborns. In the time it took to shake the soft old wildflower-print cotton sheet over the mattress and watch it billow down, the sight and scent of that flowered fabric near the garden-gate headboard sent me straight back to our half-story, under-the-eaves bedroom in our tiny south Minneapolis house, back when Julia was a baby and slept in a makeshift nursery made out of the dormer in one nook of the room. There were a lot of things I hated about that house, especially about having a newborn while living in that house, but the memory of shaking out sheets on a spring morning with a breeze wafting the curtains of the windows under the eaves is a nice one.

Sometimes I think about how one day in the future this current time will be what I remember; how one day something minor will remind me of the time before my children were in school, these slow and unscheduled mornings, the PBS Kids and pretend games of "camping" and "pet store" and "restaurant" and the baking and cooking projects we like to do when the girls and I are all home on a non-preschool day. Maybe I'll be changing sheets, and something will remind me of the crib bedding no longer in use. Maybe I'll be putting away laundry and will suddenly envision the heart-printed hooded sweatshirts my girls love to wear over their pj's. Maybe I'll be taking children to school and I'll suddenly recall spring mornings involving nothing more pressing than drawing with sidewalk chalk out on the patio.

Amidst all the current suffering in the world and in this country--and amidst the stress of bills and the car breaking down and doctor appointments and preschool tuition--I am working hard to be present for the tiny joys of daily life with young children. I hope you are too.


Mnmom said...

You will, and then you'll so SO GLAD you were there for those little moments. They are gone in a flash.

Mom and Kiddo said...

Thanks for the reminder to take a deep breath and look around.

donna said...

I love those 'flashes' of memory that happen - not just about parenting stuff.

And I love how memories of my son's toddler-hood come rushing as I watch my daughter live her toddler years.

taha said...

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