Thursday, February 12, 2009

No More Evening Ice Cream?!

Awhile ago I decided to give up evening snacking. I've been a huge evening snacker for years--possibly forever--so for me this is a bit like giving up, say, wearing clothes. Or drinking coffee. Or breathing. You get the idea. One reason I always snack at night is because I exercise almost every day--hard-core, high-energy exercise like running five miles at a time or completing an hour-long strength-training workout DVD during which the instructor is clearly trying to kill me--and I generally do it in the evening. And let me tell you, an hour after you come home from running five miles in the raging wind on the hilly roads on the edge of my town, OH MY GOD SO HUNGRY.

But, everyone knows that nighttime eating is not the healthiest. You go to bed with a full stomach, and your body is working all night long to digest that food; you end up with less than restful sleep. You wake up not really hungry. You're a bit lethargic and puffy. You've got a little tiny potato-chip belly in the morning. You know what I'm talking about.

So, in the interests of science, I started a little experiment with giving up night snacking. Now don't get me wrong; anything and everything up to about 7 p.m. is fair game. It's not like I gave up all my desserts and sweet treats; I just stuffed them down earlier. (The girls' bathtime is a good option.) And yes (sigh), I have slipped up a fair amount (because: did you read that up there about OH MY GOD SO HUNGRY???!). But in the past month, including all the random relapses, I have magically lost four pounds. I'm sure if I had truly applied myself I could have lost five or more. (Not that I particularly need, or was really trying, to lose weight--but who's complaining?) And everything the experts say about sleeping better? TOTALLY TRUE. I DO sleep better when I don't eat past 7 p.m. It's amazing! (Though even no evening snacking cannot help me when a windstorm rattles the windows all night long or Genevieve wakes up crying ten times a night because we accidentally let her eat tomato sauce at dinner and poor baby with the reflux and the bad dreams and the YELLING IN HER SLEEP.)

And did I mention the four pounds?

But now I'm busy pondering whether a life of snack-less viewing of "The Office" is actually worth living. Hmmm....

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Mnmom said...

Well, you could always take up drinking, cigarettes, or dope! Not very helpful, am I.