Saturday, February 07, 2009

Off to the Movies!

One of the best things about being a stay-at-home mom is that, when I prepare to leave the house to do something without my babies--whether it be my thrice-weekly runs or my approximately once-yearly movie with girlfriends--and the girls cry, "Mama, stay HOME!", I can happily depart without a lick of guilt, because I know that I'm with them ALL THE FREAKING TIME, hours and hours every single day, and therefore their pathetic little whimperings don't bother me for even half a moment. It's nice.

(And no, I'm not trying to make any working-moms out there feel guilty. Eye roll.)


Mnmom said...

You said it!

Mom and Kiddo said...

SO TRUE! Plus it is not even as if he has a babysitter. He is with HIS DAD. For HALF AN HOUR. Geesh.