Thursday, February 26, 2009

Storm/Scale Update

Depending on which area of the bathroom floor I place my old Target bathroom scale, I weigh anywhere from 110 to 118 pounds. This eight-pound differential does not inspire a lot of faith in small appliances. It's like one corner of the bathroom is my good-news home scale and another corner is the evil doctor's office scale. Luckily, I prefer to choose my own version of the truth. My version of the truth happens to also involve skipping my five-mile run in favor of eating Reese's Peanut Butter Cups while watching "The Office," because there's a snowstorm outside and therefore fortifying snacks are in order.'s probably not 110, come to think of it.

Moving on! In other news, believe it or not, I loved this crazy Extreme Snowstorm today. I mean, yes, I'm tired of winter, and I will be thrilled when going outside with toddlers/preschoolers does not involve twenty minutes of wrangling with snowpants, boots, parkas, hats, and mittens. But the drama and excitement of the epic blizzard that hit our town this afternoon got the girls all thrilled and joyous, and everything shut down, and we talked happily of sledding in our backyard again, tomorrow when the storm has died down. I made them homemade hot cocoa for snack after their super-long naps, and they were just thrilled to death, sipping it as we gazed out the back windows in awe at the incredible snow and wind. It was cozy and fun. You've got to make days like this cozy and fun if you can, when you live up here in the frozen north.

Thanks to all who have written in with tips and tricks for saving money around the house, in response to this post. Keep them coming! They're fantastic, and much appreciated. Love you all, dear readers!


Mom and Kiddo said...

Ooooo, "super long naps". I'm so jealous.

Shan said...

Mom and Kiddo: believe me, it's not typical!!! But it was wonderful: 2-1/2 hours for the baby (i.e. the 2 year old), THREE HOURS for the preschooler--and I WOKE HER UP AT 4! What in the world?!

Mnmom said...

Must have been all the sound muffled by all the snow.