Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Completely Unrelated Thoughts

1.) In some ways I am very lazy when it comes to parenting. For instance, I have zero desire to potty-train Genevieve. I haven't even tried to start. She's 2-1/2, but heck if I feel like doing anything about it. I'm all like, Potty training? Uh, would that involve heroic amounts of patience and energy on my part? Yes? Well, then...meh. Diapers are pretty much fine.

Guess I'm hoping potty training somehow magically occurs all on its own. You know, like SO OFTEN HAPPENS.

2.) Barack Obama is a balm for my soul. The country is in a royal mess, and yet every time I'm reminded that he's in the driver's seat, I feel a sense of great calm and optimism that everything will be all right. Every time I hear him speak, I become tearful with amazement, relief, and gratitude. (It goes without saying that every time I heard President Bush speak, I had to turn off the TV or radio and talk myself down from having a stroke.) It's not that I think he's a god or a comic-book hero with superpowers who can fix all our nation's problems instantaneously or without mistakes or struggle. It's that he's so obviously intelligent, educated, thoughtful, and calm.

I'm in love. But in a totally appropriate, respectful, I'm-just-so-relieved-you're-our-new-President sort of way.

(November 4th, 2008)


Mom and Kiddo said...

I was totally not into pushing the potty training, either. I just took my son's pants off whenever we were home but still put diapers on him when we left because the thought of having to change his pants because of public accidents or having him tell me he had to pee while we were on the bus or subway seemed so incredibly annoying and hard and I am essentially a lazy person. It was a very slow process but in the end it ended up being pretty easy and low stress. He ended up finally wearing undies outside just shortly after he turned 3 and that was just fine by me.

Mnmom said...

#1 - sometimes it does just happen. My nephew did it in one day when he was 3. He just decided it was time.

#2 - yes, yes, and yes!