Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Two Minor Questions

Can someone please tell me when kids get old enough to accomplish all their bathroom-related tasks WITHOUT ANY HELP? Like, what's with the arms that are too short to effectively wipe one's own bum? It seems hugely unfair. Mostly to me. Seriously, people--I would just like to know when I can anticipate no more bum-wiping.

Second, am I the last woman past a certain age on earth to discover the glorious effects of tinted moisturizer? I got a sample in the mail the other day of Stila SPF 15 "illuminating tinted moisturizer," and I'm pretty sure the light of a hundred angels shone down on my face when I tried it out. Too bad that less than two ounces of fancy face cream costs about as much as, say, the ingredients for a week's worth of lunches for my family. I guess my choice comes down to a.) have pretty skin and forego groceries, or b.) look as pale, blotchy, and tired as usual, but be able to pay the bills.

Wiping other people's bottoms AND suffering age-related sun spots on my face. SO. UN. FAIR.


donna said...

I think a child can take care of their own bathrooming hygiene by age 4. (Do the teachers at J's school wipe her if she poops there? Not sure if she ever has since she's on a half-day schedule there.)

The tinted moisturizer I use is not cheap either, but I love the stuff. And let me tell you, it lasts forever so the cost per day is pretty low.. I use 1 squirt per day (which covers my whole face), the bottle is 1.7 oz and it lasts me OVER 6 months.

Shan said...

Two responses: 1.) she never poops at preschool; it just doesn't come up; and 2.) I can guarantee you that if she wipes herself, the job is not complete. I have watched, and the fact is that her little 4-year-old arm JUST DOES NOT REACH THAT FAR. Maybe some children's do, but hers does not (a note: she has dropped to 14th percentile for height so it is possible/probable that her limbs are similarly short for her age compared to other 4-year-olds).

Mnmom said...

That's why we started buying flushable wipes many years ago. Makes the job easier and more efficient. Then when they are 7, and you're sorting the dirty laundry, and you know they STILL can't get it right.

I've never heard of tinted moisturizer! Then again, I don't use moisturizer anyway, with my oily skin it's never been needed.

Trish said...
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Trish said...

I have heard that Mary Kay has a nice tinted moisturizer, maybe less $$. But I bet, if you look around in the Makeup Isles at Target, you will find something...possibly Almay brand for a heck of a deal. And Almay tends to be pretty natural & hypoallergenic. Good luck! PS: Target is always the answer to most of life’s tough questions: Where to find Tinted Moisturizer, Where to go to relax instead of calling in shrink, Where to donate all my extra cash I have floating around : )

Shan said...

Of course! Target is the answer to all my dilemmas, too, Trish.